GATE 2014 Aerospace Engineering Syllabus – Aerodynamics


Basic Fluid Mechanics

  • Incompressible irrotational flow,
  • Helmholtz and kelvin theorem,
  • Singularities and superposition,
  • Viscous flows,
  • Boundary layer on a flat plate.

Airfoils and Wings

  • Classification of airfoils,
  • Aerodynamic Characteristics,
  • High lift devices,
  • Kutta Joukowski theorem,
  • Lift generation,
  • Thin airfoil theory,
  • Wing theory,
  • Induced drag,
  • Qualitative treatment of low aspect ratio wings.

Viscous Flows

  • Flow Separation,
  • Introduction to turbulence,
  • Transition,
  • Structure of a turbulent boundary.

Compressible flows

  • Dynamics and Thermodynamics of 1-D flow,
  • Isentropic flow,
  • Normal shock,
  • Oblique shock,
  • Prandtl- Meyer flow,
  • Flow In nozzles, Diffusers, Inviscid flow in a C-D Nozzle,
  • Flow in diffusers,
  • Subsonic and Supersonic airfoils,
  • Compressibility effects on lift and drag,
  • Critical and drag divergence Mach no,
  • Wave drag.

Wind tunnel Testing

  • Measurement and visualization techniques.  

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